What's In The Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Windows 10's second big update, named the "Anniversary Update", is here and it is a huge update that effects almost every aspect of the operating system.

The system will show it as update 1607. If you don't have it installed yet, just check for new updates by navigating to Windows 10 Settings > Updates & Security. You can also install it manually from Microsoft's website.

Here are just a few of the new features and improvements:

Cortana Becomes a Whole lot Smarter

Windows 10 Cortana Android Phone

This is probably the biggest part of the update, as Microsoft tries to compete with all the competition out there (Siri, Google Now, Alexa, etc...). Now it is availablein the Windows lock screen so you can use it anytime. ANd now Cortana can push stuff to and from your mobile device.

And it can now even parse stuff that it thinks you may need like a documents you worked on late last nght and a place you visited yesterday. It can make proactive suggestions to you like flight details, calendar events and so on.

Another neat thing is Cortana can integrate with the Cortana app running on Android!

More Desktop Apps and Games Come to the Windows Store

Regular desktop apps are now coming to the Windows store. Developers can easily convert an application to the propper format to sell in the store. They promise more games as well in the store and will soon support bundles and season passes in the Windows store.

Windows 10 Gets a Dark Theme (and More Theme Options)

Windows 10 Dark Theme

When Windows 10 was released, it included a hidden dark theme you could enable by changing a registry setting or by pressing a secret keyboard shortcut in the Store app. You could also change your theme in the Edge browser–but just for Edge. This theme was incomplete. With the Anniversary Update, you can now choose between light and dark modes in Settings > Personalization > Colors. Its designed for Windows Store apps, but not every app will listen to this setting and obey it–some apps, especially those from third-party developers, control their own theme settings. 

There’s also now a separate “Show color on title bar” option, allowing you to only apply your color of choice to the window titlebars and continue using a black Start menu, taskbar, and action center.

Windows Hello Brings Fingerprint Authentication to Apps and Websites

Windows 10 Fingerprint Authentication

Fingerprint sensors have been a huge convenience on phones and tablets, and Windows currently supports it for logging into your laptop too via Windows Hello–provided it has the necessary hardware. With the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, Windows Hello will support Windows apps and Microsoft Edge, so you can securely log into apps and web sites using your fingerprint as well–not just Windows itself.

Windows Ink Improves Digital Drawing and Annotation in Lots of Apps

Windows 10 Ink

Touch screen laptops are more useful than they seem, and Microsoft is pushing that forward even more with Windows Ink: the ability to draw and annotate with a pen in all kinds of useful ways. For example, you can jot down notes in the Sticky Notes app, which on its own is mildly convenient. But Windows 10 is smart enough to recognize words like “tomorrow”, turn them into links that Cortana can use to set reminders or perform other tasks. This works with other words too, including places that Bing can point to on a map.

Windows Ink is built into plenty of other apps, too, like Maps (which lets you measure distances between two points by drawing a line) and Microsoft Office (which lets you highlight text with your pen or delete words by striking them out). And, of course, it’s built for artists as well, which can use a pen for digital drawing in plenty of different apps. There’s a virtual ruler complete with a compass to help you draw straight lines at the correct angles.

A new “Ink Workspace” also arrives in Windows 10. Press a button on your pen–if your pen has a button–and you’ll see a list of apps that support ink input so you can quickly start writing or drawing without fumbling through desktop windows. You can also click or tap the pen button that will automatically appear in your taskbar’s notification area. If you don’t have pen paired with your device, you can right-click the taskbar and select “Show Windows Ink Workspace” to enable it manually. More Windows 10 apps will gain inking support, too.

The Pen settings page at Settings > Devices > Pen now allows you to choose what happens when you press the button on the pen–for example, you could open the OneNote app directly. You can also choose to ignore touch input on the screen while using the pen, ensuring you don’t accidentally tap anything while drawing.

There is so many more update. Check them all out here. 

If you need any assistance installing this update or using the new features, call or email our support desk.

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Watch Out For Big Box Store Tech Support Scams!

Scam Alert

It's crazy to think that a large big box store would be involved in scam unknowing customers out of good money on tech support scams. But it happened at Office Deport and it could be happening elsewhere too.

If you've ever had a malfunctioning computer, you know how frustrating it can be. It could be running slow or freezing up, it's just completely frustrating to deal with. The problem could be the result of a number of things, such as a virus or spyware.

If you're not a computer expert and are experiencing problems, more than likely you'll have to take your machine to a repair center to get it diagnosed. But what if that repair center is pulling a scam on you?

As this blog has reported, an investigation by Jesse Jones, from KIRO 7 in Seattle, claims that some Office Depot locations are scamming customers.

How the scam works

Jones, along with some producers, visited Office Depot locations from Washington and Oregon. He had their techs run Office Depot's free PC Health Check on six computers. Four of those six stores claimed that the PCs showed symptoms of malware.

The catch is, all of the computers were brand new!. They had never been connected to the internet. That kind of makes it impossible for them to be infected with malware, right?

Technicians who told Jones his computer was infected, then tried selling him an Office Depot repair. Those repairs would cost up to $180.

Without having the computers repaired, Jones took them to a local security company to have them checked. They were all found to be malware free.

The same type of investigation on Office Depot was recently carried out by WFXT in Boston. It found that two out of three brand new computers were misdiagnosed and claimed to show symptoms of malware.

Possible glitch in PC Health Check

Before techs run the PC Health Check, they ask the customer to describe what they are experiencing with their PC. There are four options to choose from.

  1. Slow speeds
  2. Random shut downs
  3. Pop-up problems
  4. Virus warnings

If the customer says they are having any of these issues, the tech checks a box located in the PC Health Check next to the problem. It turns out that if any of these boxes are checked, the software automatically reports that the PC is showing symptoms of malware.

This means the test results are predetermined and the customer is advised to pay for a repair.

In response to these shocking allegations, Office Depot has stopped using PC Health Check. The company also said it does not condone the type of conduct reported in the investigations and is performing a full review of the situation.

After hearing about these allegations, Washington Senator Maria Cantwell got involved. Cantwell sent a letter to the Federal Trade Commission asking for an investigation to be launched.

Remember, always use a local repair shop if at all possible to work on your PC. Smaller, localized repair shops are less likely to conduct that kind of shady business practices and are generally more focused on repeat customer business. 

Give our shop a call if your computer is running slow or if you need general tech support. 732-477-4005.

Big Chain Repair Shops Are Performing Unecessary Repairs


One of the things we always like to mention to customers who come into our shop is that we pride ourselves on being fair and honest with our diagnosis and with our work. We always knew that the big chain repair repair shops we shifty, and now the proof is coming in.

Allegedly, Office Depot is under fire for services that a former employee believes take advantage of unsuspecting customers.

 The retailer says it helps about 6,000 customers per week with its free PC health checks, and that it does not condone any of the alleged conduct we uncovered. But CBS affiliate KIRO-TV’s undercover cameras showed how employees used the service to sell customers expensive computer repairs that weren’t there.

The full article can be found here: http://www.cbsnews.com/news/office-depot-investigation-free-computer-check-service-sells-unnecessary-repairs/

Apparently they told customers that their computers were infected with Malware, even if the computers were brand new out of the box!

As part of the investigative report, new computers were purchased at Office Depot and then immediately brought to technicians at a different store, a technician said, “Malware symptoms were found in the machine.”

And of course, the company declined an on camera interview, but a spokesperson said: “We intend to fully review the assertions and take appropriate action.”

Don't be fooled or ripped off by those big chain repair shops, use a local repair shop like ours.

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