Avoid Phone Scams

A lot of people are coming into our shop these days with computer viruses that will try to trick you into calling a bogus tech support number. Those tech support people will then try to charge you for the virus that they put on there in the first place! So wrong.

We've listened to countless horror stories of little old ladies calling these phone numbers for what they think is help, getting a seemingly nice person on the phone for tech support and unknowingly assist this criminal gain remote access to their PC. Once these criminals gets connected, it's all over. They immediately install malicious code that locks you out of your own computer and sometimes even encrypts all your data too. Then their tone completely changes and they immediately demand payment to reverse their damage.

And their tactics for locking you out of your own PC and pretty good too. Sometimes irreversible. These are not some kids fooling around, these are professionals who make a lot of money scamming people. Don't get fooled!

Microsoft or any other major software provide such as Norton or McAfee will never prompt you with a message saying to call them. If you see something like that, just turn off your PC right away and call a local computer company. We are always here to help. 732-477-4005.

Here are some good links on protecting yourself against these scams: