23 New iOS Features in Apple iOS 10!

With the recent update to Apple's iOS this week, there is just so much talk on the web about it. Some people love it, some people hate it and some people just point out the bugs that inherently come along with a huge OS update like this. But if you like me, you take the good with the bad and look forward to all the new features that you get to play with.

Now I'm personally a glutton for punishment and will apply the update just as quickly as humanly possible in order to see the new features. But for people who aren't as brave (or stupid) as me, here is a cool article that I found on Gizmodo about some of the new features.


And just remember, if you don't feel comfortable doing the update yourself or if you do attempt to install the update and something goes wrong, just stop in our shop and we'll will gladly help you out!