Refurbished computers

Our Online Store for Refurbished Computers and Flat Screens Is Now Live!

Looking for a great gift idea for a parent, grandparent or student?

We have some great deals on used computers and flat screens here at our shop.

From time to time, customers will bring in a computer for repair and then abandon the computer here at our shop. Maybe they can't pay the bill or just don't want to be bothered anymore with the computer so they just write it off. And sometimes it is a decent computer that still has some life in it.

So after we take possession of the computer, we will make any repairs needed to computer if we have not already done so, and put it out in our showroom for sale.

And now you don't have to come in to our shop to see what bargains we have for sale because we just launched an online store to showcase these refurbished computers!

Click here to view our online store.

A used computers will make a great gift for a parent, grandmother or student!

We also have an assortment of used Dell flat screens for sale. $20 each. You can't beat that price!