Hard Drive Repair / Replacement

It is not a matter of if your hard drive will eventually fail, it is a matter of when it will eventually fail. Hard drive failures often result in symptoms such as:

  • Missing or Corrupted Files - As a hard drive's heads break down, they may not read and write information correctly, which can result in either of these symptoms.
  • Slow Computer Operation - This symptom is another early indicator of damage to the heads or spindle.
  • Power Failure - A hard drive may not spin up or make any sounds. This often indicates electronics failure.
  • Abnormal Sounds - When mechanical components fail, hard drives will often make clicking, grinding or whirring sounds. These symptoms are serious, so if your hard drive makes abnormal noises, shut it off immediately.

Most people are pretty good about backing up their data regularly. But usually it's when you forget to do your regular back for a couple of days is when the failure will occurs. But it doesn't necessarily mean your data is lost! We usually can extract your important files to a thumb drive the same day that you drop it off.

If your hard drive displays any of the symptoms listed above, contact us today for a diagnosis.